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Programs for Schools & Families


REAL Life offers a variety of programs that center around our brand of being REAL: Resonate Your Truth, Engage and Connect, Activate Your Intentions, and Live Your Legacy.  Each program's core stems from our A.R.M. model of having an Asset and Resilience Mindset.  Our flagship program is BullyProof! Are You A.R.M.ed? Building an Asset and Resilience Mindset which is designed to answer today's need to provide extra layers of safety and protection.



REAL Life provides a range of services for organizations, professionals, and individuals that inspire growth and transformation from workshops and trainings to one-on-one development.  Trainings are customized because we believe even though all people have the same basic needs, how they learn, connect, and grow require a diverse set of tools from assessments to hands on drills.  

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REAL Management


The process requires you to analyze both the internal and external environment of the organization. Typical steps in strategic planning include an analysis of the current state, defining the future state, developing objectives and strategies to achieve the vision, and implementation and assessment of the plan.



Soft skills are a cluster of productive personality traits that characterize one's relationships in a milieu. These skills can include social graces, communication abilities, language skills, personal habits, cognitive or emotional empathy, time management, teamwork and leadership traits.

REAL Leadership


Leadership development expands the capacity of individuals to perform in leadership roles within organizations. Leadership roles are those that facilitate execution of a company's strategy through building alignment, winning mindshare and growing the capabilities of others.


Team development creates a captivating atmosphere by encouraging co-operation, teamwork, interdependence and by building trust among team members.


Personal development covers activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitate employability, enhance the quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations.

REAL Education

REAL Education touches on organizational leadership, student trainings, and parental development offering REAL Life actionable steps and solutions.

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