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Frequently Asked Questions


 01  What is REAL?

REAL is the heart of our brand.  It stands for Resonating Your Truth; Engaging with Yourself and Others on a meaningful level; Activate your Intentions and Taking Action; and Living Your Legacy.  This is key to meaningful success on all levels for organizations, professionals, and individuals.



 02  Why "OWN IT"?

In order to have a REAL Life, you have to OWN IT!  This means you Operate With iNspired Integrity and Truth.  There is no place for blaming or justifying here.  Take charge and reclaim your world!



 03  Why should I enlist the help of a Coach?

Coaching has a higher impact on your performance over traditional therapy and training.  We approach our clients much like athletes.  We assess their skills, reveal what obstacles have been impacting their performance, and realign their framework to their values and personal truth. 


 04  How can you help our organization?

We provide leadership training and development for those that can create the most impact within their organization.  We also team up with HR to provide Soft People Skills to improve employee engagement and retention.




 05  What can you do for me beyond the workplace?

We believe in a holistic approach to helping our clients.  In order to have happy, healthy, and productive employees, we also address all areas that create stress from finances to family.  We offer workshops, group support, and one-on-one coaching to help you achieve the legacy you love to live.

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