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3... 2... 1... Relaunch!

It feels like we were just getting the brand going... excited about REAL Life and the impact we knew it would make... if only we could reach and connect with our audience. And as in life, sometimes you just leap! You jump in with both feet and find a way to swim. That's exactly what we did. And you know what? We failed miserably! We were spinning in circles, trying everything that we knew how to do, and we allowed our focus and intention to be diverted and derailed by life. The funny thing about life, it waits for no one. Get moving or get left behind!

So here I am, a little over 3 years since REAL Life was born, and I'm excited for the ways we're growing. After treading water for the last two years, COVID, massive life shifts, and everything that 2020 has thrown our way, I'm tired of being tired of no progress and I'm over it! I'm out of excuses and reasons and distractions that have kept me from taking REAL Life to the next level. Some have asked if I will do something else, but the dream and vision of what REAL Life is and what is can become is too much for me to want to back away. This isn't going to be easy, but nothing great ever came when it was easy.

Only through the struggles of the rollercoaster of emotions, the decisions of what we want to offer, how we can be servant leaders, can I really give my best and have it be good enough; only through all of the darkness could I see the light... the light of Purpose that empowers me to be bold and find enthusiasm when I am lacking sleep. There is something so intoxicating about standing in your Purpose and being in the state of Flow... this is my drug!

REAL Life's name came as a suggestion and an homage to being real in this life when so much else is so fake. It was something I could wrap my brain around but one mentor's voice popped into my head to remind me that it needs to stand for something... what could I make it mean? How can I take these four little letters and turn them into something so much bigger? And after years of playing word games and Scrabble, the words started to come... Resonate. Engage. Activate. Live! This transmutation from four tiny letters into something of great meaning that lights up my sense of purpose has kept me fired up!

I welcome you to join us as we take these next brave steps into areas we barely breached a few years ago. It won't always be pretty and I can guarantee you in will certainly be messy, but we are going to stretch out of our comfort zone and snap back to reality! Life is what you choose to make it and for us, it means it's about to get very REAL!

Take this opportunity to shift into your own authenticity as we trudge through the messy areas, clean out the fear and blocks, and create a legacy that we all can be proud of. Are you ready to relaunch your life? DM us or comment below with how you want to grow!


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