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Stuck Happens!

Our wee little company is stretching out of its comfort zone and expanding into new territories! We have added new online classes, a sassy live show called Dirty Little Secrets, and are launching our podcast, REALasticity! With all of this growth, sometimes we feel like chickens with our heads cut off. And with all of these opportunities keeping us moving a mile a minute, sometimes we find ourselves at a standstill and frustrated to be stuck!

Stuck isn't always a choice. Stuck happens. Whether it be moving Mamaw into her beautiful new facility, our sons requiring us to stop and just be mothers, or sickness claiming its turn- sometime stuck happens because we need to slow down. Stuck happens because we can't cram an extra hour or three into the day to get done all that needs to be done and we get overwhelmed. Stuck happens because there is one vital lesson we just haven't learned.

But what getting stuck does do, if we allow it, is it gives us appreciation for the amazing people in our lives. We may not always notice how glorious the flowers look with rain drops dusting their petals or how wonderful it is to simply listen to the rain, but we do because we were forced to stand still. We get to enjoy watching our sons grow into young men as we pause our hectic pace to simply be moms. Sometimes the overwhelm allows us stolen moments of time with our tribe to relax, laugh, and catch up. So sometimes stuck gives us what we need most- connection with others.

How about you? Where are you finding yourself stuck? Is it in your usual routine? At work? With your family? What about in your romance life, or should I say, lack of romance life? Have you noticed yourself in a never ending cycle of drama? There are so many areas we find ourselves stuck and end up frustrated and overwhelmed. What do you do when stuck happens?

How about the next time you're lamenting about being stuck, take a moment to look around. What catches your attention? What might have been missed if you had been rushing about at your usual pace? Find gratitude for being stuck and notice the moments of your life. They are precious and fleeting. Someday far too soon they will be gone- so enjoy the moments you have and make every one count!

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