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Dirty Little Secrets

Dirty Little Secrets. It's kind of hard to say the name without smirking just a little. Okay. A lot! For us, the name fits! When we surveyed our core audience, they wanted to know about the dirty little secrets of love and relationships. And the more we thought about it, the more we realized this covers every area of life!

Though we may be starting with the fun side of doing DLS of Men & Women, we will be developing the other shows to cover everything from the DLS of Money to the DLS of Emotions! There are so many things out there that we all want and need to know but NOBODY is talking about! Or if they are talking about it, there certainly aren't any simple action steps to follow!

Amy and I are both a little over the top when it comes to what we parents don't know about technology and what our kids are being exposed to! Holy cow! Can they REALLY access THAT through their gaming devices?!? The DLS of Technology can't happen fast enough!

And how come I was never told about how early I'm going to have to deal with THE TALK?!? I thought the school would cover it in health class, but apparently it doesn't cover what to do when certain topics come up 2-3 years before they hit puberty. And speaking of puberty, not only is there going to be a DLS of THE TALK but there will be one for Raising Tweens and Teens! I swear I read every book I could get my hands on when I was pregnant, but I don't recall any of this being mentioned!

So keep an eye and ear out for our Dirty Little Secrets events! Our first one will be live at VNYL in Plano on September 28th covering the DLS of Men & Women. It will be a fun night of discovery of what men and women need to better understand each other so they can finally connect in the best of ways! Join in on the discussion and hear what our experts have to say as we all weigh in!

Tickets can be found at:

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