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Become a Catalyst for Change

Real Life Mindset Coaching Certification-Make a Difference.

An Olympic athlete would not think of training without a coach. Why? A coach adds insight, objectivity and enthusiastic support to every calculated move that he makes. Successful CEO’s, business leaders and executives have discovered that a life coach is an invaluable asset to their careers, businesses and personal lives. The Real Life Mindset Certification Course is driven by the passion and purpose to help others.

If you want to give people the tools to succeed and cheer them on as they grow and live the life they’ve always wanted, this special program is tailored just for you. We have 40 exclusive spots for people who are ready to make a difference.

Our program is segmented into 12 incredible weeks of delving deep into the foundations of coaching. The Mindset Coaching Certification will equip you with the tools to motivate your clients achieve their desired breakthroughs. We are going to have convenient online lessons where you will enjoy videos and invaluable resources. There will be eye-opening quizzes and exciting weekly zoom calls where you will meet your fellow coaches form different parts of the world.

The live practicum at the end of the 12 weeks will help you polish your skills before you set out to become the catalyst for change. As a professional life coach you will bring balance and accountability to your client’s lives.

Join the movement and resonate with your truth. Learn how to take care of yourself and how to engage and connect meaningfully with your clients. Discover how to activate your intentions so you can live the life you desire and truly Own It.

Live your legacy and operate with inspired integrity and truth. Be real as you guide you clients to define, grow and reach their goals. Are you ready to be part of an elite group that will see peoples lives thrive? Come join us and become a Real Life Certified Mindset Coach.

Become a Certified Life Coach

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