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As we launch our REAL Life Mindset Coaching Certification course, we are dedicated to providing superior training.  With that in mind, we are offering a limited number of spots for our 2018 training.  Only 40 new people will be selected for this inaugural class. These 40 will enjoy perks that no other class that follows will have – they will have a lifetime seat in our Mindset Mastermind with no future dues, have VIP status at all live events, and will enjoy all future courses at 50% and more.  All of that, and at a tuition rate that will NEVER be offered again.


Applying for one of these limited spots means you are READY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  You already know that life coaching is fulfilling and will let you live a life you will love.  You have already heard how the coaching industry is growing like wildfire.  You know entrepreneurs, executives, professionals, and every day people who desire more in life have hired coaches to help them level up and manifest their dreams.  You know that anyone who wants success, in any and every area of life, needs tools and a guide.  BE THAT GUIDE!


Not sure if you have what it takes?  Guess what?  Coaching isn’t about you or your background!  It’s about your client and this proven process that gets results.  The Mindset Coaching Certification will provide you the tools and curriculum to address your client’s needs and help them have the breakthroughs to give them the life they desire.  BE THE CATALYST FOR CHANGE!


Remember what is motivating you!  You have a drive and burning desire to live your calling!  You have known emptiness and want a life of meaning.  You want something more than what you’ve known, and you know this is the answer.  Are you READY TO INSPIRE?  Are you READY TO BE PART OF THIS ELITE GROUP?



  • 1 Complimentary Coaching Session Valued at $150

  • Success GPS Assessment Valued at $279


REAL Life Mindset Coaching Certification Includes:

  • 12 Weekly Online Videos, Quizzes, and Resources

  • 12 Weekly Zoom Video Classes

  • LIVE Practicum

  • Exclusive Facebook Community Page

  • REAL Life Mindset Mastermind with Lifetime seat with no future dues

  • REAL Life Zoom Motivational Monday morning calls

  • 50 % Discount to all future classes

  • Ability to participate in all public workshops and seminars for client leads

  • Membership into Preferred Referral Network

After Certification:

  • REAL Life Monthly Group Coaching Zoom Call

  • Invitation to Annual Retreat

  • 20-minute one-on-one Coaching Check-In Call monthly

  • $100 Referral fee for anyone who enrolls into future Mindset Coaching Certification course

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